Thursday, October 3, 2013

Swoon city

Gentlemen, I dare you not to weep with joy.

We should set aside a day to talk about this:


  1. This is amazing, and will give me something to do during the shutdown. A few initial thoughts:
    - No Death Star? Or am I just overlooking it?
    - Holy shit; there's an Imperial Star Destroyer that's 11.8 miles (19K meters) long. That must not be the one from Ep. IV.
    - Star Trek had an episode with a city ship? Going to have to look that up.

    1. Let the nerdiness commence.

      I think the person who put this together may have been not including space stations (no Babylon 4 or 5, no Spacedock, no Death Star.) We will all pause to consider that space station or no, the Death Star clearly can go places, so there.

      Also, Warhammer 40,000's ship design is just crap.

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  3. Ah: .

    Can't seem to turn that into a functioning link. No way to do so in comments?