Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Film Crit Hulk

Some caveats:
- this is a 2011 article
- in all caps, in the Drunk Hulk style of mock Hulk-talk
- that's pretty long
- and has some typos.

But if you can get past that, "HULK READ ANOTHER BOOK! WHY A DANCE WITH DRAGONS BOTH A VAST IMPROVEMENT AND YET UTTER PROOF THE BOOKS WILL NEVER BE GOOD AGAIN" is a really perceptive, and really really funny, take on the Song of Ice and Fire books.

(Also, he mentions The Wire at one point, so there you go, Andrew.)

"Flash Boys" gets off to a good start....

BBC catnip, that is.

Thursday, February 11, 2016


For the comic lovers among us, one of the bloggers at Lawyers, Guns & Money is doing a series he's titled "A People's History of the Marvel Universe." I have zero knowledge on this stuff, but I've enjoyed the three posts he's done so far:

Week 1 - Captain America lurvs FDR
Week 2 - Wolverine is a Canuck
Week 3 - Actually, Captain America lurvs Bernie Sanders

Also, he mentions a website called Graphic Policy. I've been exploring it a bit, and there's some very interesting stuff on there, including for example, some fairly heavy discussions of the Alias comic book series, which is the basis for the Jessica Jones series on Netflix.

The Vulgarian Genius

Oh man, Nathan Lane nailed it. Thanks to Andrew for directing me again to this brutal review of the third Star Wars prequel. Break me a fucking give, indeed.