Sunday, August 17, 2014

BBC Booklist Primary Election Now Live!


The 2014 BBC primary is live!  We have 37 books to choose from, so we will be holding a primary.  Please vote for THREE books that you would like to make it to the next round. Any book that gets any votes at all will be included in round two.  While this does make it possible that the next round will also have thirtysome books in it, let's try this and see what happens.  Choose wisely.  Voting will be open this week.

The SurveyMonkey is here.

The Amazon Wishlist page is here.


Your BBC Captain

Friday, August 1, 2014

Finally, Some Public Opinion Data on Star Wars

FiveThirtyEight conducted a very useful survey and even made the data available for others. Some quick results: People prefer the original trilogy, hate Jar Jar, and think Han shot first, all of which is very encouraging for the future. 

This all prompted me to do my own analysis of age cohorts, and it turns out younger viewers are somewhat stupid.