Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Ferris Lines

I haven't gotten too far into this week's book, and I can't necessarily say whether I like it or not (and why), but Mr. Ferris can certainly turn a phrase at times. Recording these here for my own future reference:

"If you hate the Yankees so much," Connie asked me, "why did you move to New York?"
"To find out what kind of city could make a monster like a Yankees fan."

"Every time I read an email with a live emoticon, I'd feel the astringent sexual frustration ever threatening my workaday equipoise, and the temptation to yank off in the Thunderbox while staring down at the Ipad was broken only by the hygienic demands of a mouth professional."


  1. I did admire "Thunderbox." Obscurely reminds me of one of my favorite Kinky Friedman-isms — he likes to say "take a Nixon," for what you do in the thunderbox. I guess today it might be "take a Trump," but that's a little too on the nose.

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