Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Modest Proposal


Given the success of "Boy Book Club: The Original Series," I am looking for ways to branch out in new, exciting directions.  Like eating all the poor Irish children!  That would solve all our problems!  Oh, wait, wrong proposal.  How about this instead....

Monthly Board Game Night

Oh, yes, another monthly BBC commitment.  I've already cleared it with my wife, and you will want to clear it with yours, because we will be playing this:

Risk Legacy, along with having a badass (OK, fairly generic) mech on the box cover, is apparently all the rage in innovative board game design circles.  It's an update of "Risk," which you probably played as a kid, but with a major change. The gist of it is that during a game, you at various points open envelopes, play cards, etc that permanently change the rules of the game, including for subsequent playthroughs.  This is taken to the point where as you play, you rip up and throw out parts of the game set.  Check out this in depth description by the guy who writes Thor for Marvel.  (Oh, he's also a games journalist, which may be more relevant in this context, come to think of it.)

It's designed to be played 15 times before you need to get a fresh set, each game building on the decisions of the last. Just the thing for a monthly game.  Who's in?  Let me know in the comments or at the meeting this week.  And yes, there would be drinking.

Your BBC Captain